CleverControl Lauded by B2B Platform with Great User Award and Rising Star Award for 2018 in the Employee Monitoring Category


Our team in CleverControl strives to provide our clients with a robust solution to gain complete control and monitor their employees from around the world. It is with pride that we announce our efforts were recognized by the experts in FinancesOnline, a leading business directory and SaaS review platform, through recently giving us two of their most valuable recognitions: the Great User Award and Rising Star Award.

In a comprehensive review, the experts in FinancesOnline examined the CleverControl features and acknowledged them to stand out among the roster of other solutions as per quality, functionality, and efficacy. When it comes to user experience, the Great User accolade cements our position on delivering our services with ease—from implementation to maintenance. With our installation process that only takes a few minutes, FinancesOnline experts appreciated how our “set up is a breeze” and it “doesn’t require the expertise of an IT specialist.”

Furthermore, they recognized how our cloud-based employee monitoring platform provides convenience to our users by enabling remote access through a web account with no dedicated server required. Arguably, this is one of the most important benefits of employee monitoring software that businesses look for. In terms of performance, our platform is admired for the way we streamline “tracking and monitoring all your employees’ computer activities in a breeze” and provide visibility over the activities of your employees in real time.

Additionally, we are glad to be acknowledged with the Rising Star honor among SaaS products in the top employee monitoring software category by quickly gaining traction in the market. FinancesOnline has a number of reviews and useful resources on their website, such as how to choose the best employee monitoring software, and we’re glad to be recognized as one of the best solutions. This means not only is CleverControl a solution that delivers, yet our customers are also recognizing the effectiveness of our functionalities and features to address and resolve their pain points when it comes to preventing the leakage of information, increasing the productivity of employees and investigating any unlawful actions within their organization.

We are thankful to FinancesOnline for this recognition. This will not only serve as an acknowledgment that we are on the right track in our services, but it serves as a motivation as well to continue providing a robust solution for employee monitoring.